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Time In:
An Introduction to Therapeutic Activity Programming and Facilitation - 
25th Anniversary Edition

Time In presents the theory and practice of therapeutic activity programming and facilitation, in clear and simple language. It consists of 10 chapters that guide students and novice professionals from the experience of developing an appreciation for the importance of play, through to becoming a programmer and facilitator of therapeutic play experiences. It includes over 80 therapeutic activities that child and youth care students and practitioners can easily learn and apply to their field placement and work settings. The text includes over 40 reflective exercises for educators and readers to use in classroom discussions or as self-instructional activities to assist them throughout the learning process. Time In is also available in e-text format (fixed-layout epub). (305 pages) 

Copyright 1993, 2013, 2018 

ISBN 978-0-9697302-5-5

Price: $62.61

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